471 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, CA 94939
Telephone: (415) 924-4339
Open Everyday, 7 am to 12 pm for "grab-n-go"


What’s Hot?

Donut Alley is now open for "Grab and Go" 7 to 12 noon every day.

Donuts for Dessert

Donuts for Dessert


Give us a call to find out what's hot and fresh!

Donuts are great for breakfast but why stop there? You can always mix it up with a little something different after dinner. Try your favorite donut for dessert with a little vanilla ice cream, whip cream, berries or carmel sauce. Delicious!




Our Organic Coffee

We serve the highest quality organic coffee, hand roasted locally in small batches to ensure the best tasting cup of coffee for you to enjoy.
Donut Alley Blend: The bold smoky flavor of French roast, blended with Mexican, a full bodied medium roast for a well-balanced flavor.
French Roast: For those who enjoy a bold, intense coffee.
French Roast Decaf: All the satisfaction and intensity of a dark French roast without the caffeine, to enjoy any time of the day.